Improved extraction of ginkgotoxin (4' O methylpyridoxine) from Ginkgo biloba products.

Publication: Journal of AOAC International
Publication Date: 2005
Study Author(s): Lawrence, Guillaume A;Scott, Peter M;
Institution: Health Canada, Health Products and Food Branch, Food Research Division, Address Locator 2203D, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0L2, Canada.
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A simple extraction procedure was applied to the analysis of canned/packaged white nuts and ginkgo biloba extracts. Extraction by shaking with Water at room temperature was more convenient to use than a previously published Soxhlet procedure for analysis of packaged Ginkgo biloba Seeds (white nuts) for ginkgotoxin; recoveries from spiked dried seeds by the simple extraction procedure averaged 76%. Determination was by liquid chromatography with UV or fluorescence detection. Recoveries of ginkgotoxin from a spiked and unspiked natural health product (powder from Ginkgo biloba capsules) were equivalent by both procedures; recovery from spiked powder by the simple extraction procedure was 81%. Application of this extraction procedure in the analysis of 6 samples of white nuts (vacuum packaged and canned products) showed that free ginkgotoxin was present in 5 samples at concentrations up to 25 microg/g dry weight. Total ginkgotoxin was determined after hydrolysis with beta-glucosidase of sample extracts in which a peak corresponding to the 5'-O-glucoside was detected. Ginkgotoxin was determined in 10 Ginkgo biloba natural health products by the same method at levels up to 181 microg/g.
PMID: 15759722

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