Eating chocolate can significantly protect the skin from UV light.

Publication: Journal of cosmetic dermatology
Publication Date: 2009
Study Author(s): Williams, Stefanie;Tamburic, Slobodanka;Lally, Carmel;
Institution: Cosmetic Science Group, School of Management and Science, London University of the Arts, London, UK.
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BACKGROUND : Cocoa beans fresh from the tree are exceptionally rich in Flavanols. Unfortunately, during conventional chocolate making, this high antioxidant capacity is greatly reduced due to manufacturing processes.

AIM : To evaluate the Photoprotective potential of chocolate consumption, comparing a conventional Dark chocolate to a specially produced chocolate with preserved high flavanol (HF) levels.

METHODS : A double-blind in vivo study in 30 healthy subjects was conducted. Fifteen subjects each were randomly assigned to either a HF or low flavanol (LF) chocolate group and consumed a 20 g portion of their allocated chocolate daily. The minimal erythema dose (MED) was assessed at baseline and after 12 weeks under standardized conditions.

RESULTS : In the HF chocolate group the mean MED more than doubled after 12 weeks of chocolate consumption, while in the LF chocolate group, the MED remained without significant change.

CONCLUSIONS : Our study demonstrated that regular consumption of a chocolate rich in Flavanols confers significant photoprotection and can thus be effective at protecting human skin from harmful UV effects. Conventional chocolate has no such effect.
PMID: 19735513

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