Qigong training and effects on stress, neck shoulder pain and life quality in a computerised office environment.

Publication: Complementary therapies in clinical practice
Publication Date: 2011
Study Author(s): Skoglund, L;Josephson, M;Wahlstedt, K;Lampa, E;Norbäck, D;
Institution: Department of Medical Sciences, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Uppsala University and University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden. leni.skoglund@akademiska.se
Shortcut link to this study: http://science.naturalnews.com/pubmed/21168116.html
BACKGROUND : Qigong is a Chinese health promoting exercise with a rhythmic pattern of slow movements and breathing affecting the autonomous Nervous system.

OBJECTIVES : To examine the implementation of Qigong for half an hour daily in a computerised office, and to study effects on health state, general health, neck-shoulder and lumbar Spine symptoms and stress after six weeks training

DESIGN : A crossover intervention study with 37 employees randomised in two groups. A questionnaire was completed one week before starting study and every second week during the training period. After 6 weeks the first group stopped and the second group started the training.

RESULTS : There was a small significant improvement of neck pain and disability following therapy.

CONCLUSION : Qigong training may reduce neck disability in office workers. A longer training period might be needed in further Qigong studies in healthy, normal populations.
PMID: 21168116

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