Scientific studies on Fipronil

Last updated: September 25, 2013
Fipronil and its degradates in indoor and outdoor dust.
Environmental science & technology

Enantioselective microbial transformation of the phenylpyrazole insecticide fipronil in anoxic sediments.
Environmental science & technology

Degradation of fipronil in anaerobic sediments and the effect on porewater concentrations.

Transformation and sorption of fipronil in urban stream sediments.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry

Fipronil-induced disruption of thyroid function in rats is mediated by increased total and free thyroxine clearances concomitantly to increased activity of hepatic enzymes.

Fipronil toxicity in northern bobwhite quail Colinus virginianus: Reduced feeding behaviour and sulfone metabolite formation.

Biodegradation and chiral stability of fipronil in aerobic and flooded paddy soils.
The Science of the total environment

Insecticidal efficacy of fipronil against four stored-product insect pests: influence of commodity, dose, exposure interval, relative humidity and temperature.
Pest management science

Persistence and sorption of fipronil degradates in urban stream sediments.
Environmental toxicology and chemistry / SETAC

Toxicities of fipronil enantiomers to the honeybee Apis mellifera L. and enantiomeric compositions of fipronil in honey plant flowers.
Environmental toxicology and chemistry / SETAC

Differential fipronil susceptibility and metabolism in two rice stem borers from China.
Journal of economic entomology

Effect of sediment-associated pyrethroids, fipronil, and metabolites on Chironomus tentans growth rate, body mass, condition index, immobilization, and survival.
Environmental toxicology and chemistry / SETAC

Enantioselectivity in fipronil aquatic toxicity and degradation.
Environmental toxicology and chemistry / SETAC

Quantification of fipronil and its metabolite fipronil sulfone in rat plasma over a wide range of concentrations by LC/UV/MS.
Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences

Synergy between fipronil and amitraz in a Rhipicephalus sanguineus tick residual contact test.
Experimental & applied acarology

Transfer assessment of fipronil residues from feed to cow milk.

Is fipronil safer than chlorpyrifos? Comparative developmental neurotoxicity modeled in PC12 cells.
Brain research bulletin

Utilization of common ditch vegetation in the reduction of fipronil and its sulfone metabolite.
Pest management science

Survival, growth, and body residues of hyalella azteca (Saussure) exposed to fipronil contaminated sediments from non-vegetated and vegetated microcosms.
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology

Interaction between Short-Term Heat Pretreatment and Fipronil on 2 Instar Larvae of Diamondback Moth, Plutella Xylostella (Linn).
Dose-response : a publication of International Hormesis Society

Fate of fipronil and its metabolites in/on grape leaves, berries and soil under semi arid tropical climatic conditions.
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology

Comparison of cleanup methods for fipronil and its degradation products in sediment extracts.

Diagnoses of fipronil resistance in Brazilian cattle ticks (Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus) using in vitro larval bioassays.
Veterinary parasitology

Sorption and desorption of fipronil in midwestern soils.
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology

The acute toxicity of fipronil to two non-target invertebrates associated with mosquito breeding sites in Australia.
Acta tropica

Fipronil resistance in the diamondback moth (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae): inheritance and number of genes involved.
Journal of economic entomology

Adverse effects of fipronil on avian reproduction and development: maternal transfer of fipronil to eggs in zebra finch Taeniopygia guttata and in ovo exposure in chickens Gallus domesticus.
Ecotoxicology (London, England)

Contact versus feeding intoxication by fipronil in Reticulitermes termites (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae): laboratory evaluation of toxicity, uptake, clearance, and transfer among individuals.
Journal of economic entomology

Acute human self-poisoning with the N-phenylpyrazole insecticide fipronil--a GABAA-gated chloride channel blocker.
Journal of toxicology. Clinical toxicology

Synergistic and antagonistic effects of piperonyl butoxide in fipronil-susceptible and resistant rice stem borrers, Chilo suppressalis.
Journal of insect science (Online)

Is the mechanisms of fipronil-induced thyroid disruption specific of the rat: Re-evaluation of fipronil thyroid toxicity in sheep?
Toxicology letters

Determination of the susceptibility of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus (Acari: Ixodidae) to ivermectin and fipronil by Larval Immersion Test (LIT) in Uruguay.
Veterinary parasitology

In vitro effects of fipronil on neuronal excitability in mammalian and molluscan nervous systems.
Annals of agricultural and environmental medicine : AAEM

Sorption and degradation of fipronil in flooded anaerobic rice soils.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry

Repellency and efficacy of 65% permethrin and 9.7% fipronil against Ixodes ricinus.
Veterinary therapeutics : research in applied veterinary medicine

Fipronil resistance in the whitebacked planthopper (Sogatella furcifera): possible resistance mechanisms and cross-resistance.
Pest management science

Glutamatergic and GABAergic effects of fipronil on olfactory learning and memory in the honeybee.
Invertebrate neuroscience : IN

Oxidative removal and kinetics of fipronil in various oxidation systems for drinking water treatment.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry

Genotoxic and mutagenic effects of fipronil on mice.
Experimental and toxicologic pathology : official journal of the Gesellschaft fur Toxikologische Pathologie

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