Scientific studies on Lima Bean

Last updated: September 25, 2013
Cyanogenesis of wild lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus L.) is an efficient direct defence in nature.
PloS one

Pathology and histopathology of Pratylenchus scribneri infecting snap bean and lima bean.
Journal of nematology

Quantitative variability of direct chemical defense in primary and secondary leaves of lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus) and consequences for a natural herbivore.
Journal of chemical ecology

Effects of ethanol extracts from Adzuki bean (Phaseolus angularis Wight.) and Lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus L.) on estrogen and progesterone receptor phenotypes of MCF-7/BOS cells.
Phytotherapy research : PTR

Cloning and expression of three fatty acid desaturase genes from cold-sensitive lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus L.).
Biotechnology letters

Gene pools in wild Lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus L.) from the Americas: evidences for an Andean origin and past migrations.
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution

Robotic mechanical wounding (MecWorm) versus herbivore-induced responses: early signaling and volatile emission in Lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus L.).

Regulation of extrafloral nectar secretion by jasmonates in lima bean is light dependent.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Whiteflies interfere with indirect plant defense against spider mites in Lima bean.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

[Effect of extrusion on protein and starch bioavailability in corn and lima bean flour blends].
Archivos latinoamericanos de nutrición

Constraints of Simultaneous Resistance to a Fungal Pathogen and an Insect Herbivore in Lima Bean (Phaseolus lunatus L.).
Journal of chemical ecology

Exogenous polyamines elicit herbivore-induced volatiles in lima bean leaves: involvement of calcium, H2O2 and Jasmonic acid.
Plant & cell physiology

Qualitative variability of lima bean's VOC bouquets and its putative ecological consequences.
Plant signaling & behavior

Effects of feeding Spodoptera littoralis on lima bean leaves: IV. Diurnal and nocturnal damage differentially initiate plant volatile emission.
Plant physiology

Proximal composition and in vitro digestibility of starch in lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus) varieties.
Journal of the science of food and agriculture

Contrasting rDNA evolution in lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus L.) and common bean (P. vulgaris L., Fabaceae).
Cytogenetic and genome research

Tri-trophic level impact of host plant linamarin and lotaustralin on Tetranychus urticae and its predator Phytoseiulus persimilis.
Journal of chemical ecology

Prey and non-prey arthropods sharing a host plant: effects on induced volatile emission and predator attraction.
Journal of chemical ecology

Significance of terpenoids in induced indirect plant defence against herbivorous arthropods.
Plant, cell & environment

Defense-inducing volatiles: in search of the active motif.
Journal of chemical ecology

The impact of local extinction on genetic structure of wild populations of lima beans (Phaseolus lunatus) in the Central Valley of Costa Rica: consequences for the conservation of plant genetic resources.
Revista de biología tropical

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