Scientific studies on autism

Last updated: September 25, 2013
Distinct genetic risk based on association of MET in families with co-occurring autism and gastrointestinal conditions.

Etiological explanation, treatability and preventability of childhood autism: a survey of Nigerian healthcare workers' opinion.
Annals of general psychiatry

What is new in autism?
Current opinion in neurology

Representations of autism: implications for community healthcare practice.
Community practitioner : the journal of the Community Practitioners' & Health Visitors' Association

Similar white matter aberrations in children with autism and their unaffected siblings: a diffusion tensor imaging study using tract-based spatial statistics.
Archives of general psychiatry

Can Asperger syndrome be distinguished from autism? An anatomic likelihood meta-analysis of MRI studies.
Journal of psychiatry & neuroscience : JPN

Infection in the first 2 years of life and autism spectrum disorders.

Mitochondrial dysfunction in autism.
JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association

Evaluation of autism traits in Angelman syndrome: a resource to unfold autism genes.

Birth weight and gestational age characteristics of children with autism, including a comparison with other developmental disabilities.

Motor abilities of children diagnosed with fragile X syndrome with and without autism.
Journal of intellectual disability research : JIDR

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers in relation to autism and developmental delay: a case-control study.
Environmental health : a global access science source

Assessment of knowledge about childhood autism among paediatric and psychiatric nurses in Ebonyi state, Nigeria.
Child and adolescent psychiatry and mental health

Continuing increases in autism reported to California's developmental services system: mercury in retrograde.
Archives of general psychiatry

The co-occurrence of autism and birth defects: prevalence and risk in a population-based cohort.
Developmental medicine and child neurology

Difference in age at regression in children with autism with and without Down syndrome.
Journal of developmental and behavioral pediatrics : JDBP

Absence of stimulus-driven synchronization effects on sensory perception in autism: Evidence for local underconnectivity?
Behavioral and brain functions : BBF

Macrophage migration inhibitory factor and autism spectrum disorders.

Prevalence of autism among adolescents with intellectual disabilities.
Canadian journal of psychiatry. Revue canadienne de psychiatrie

Elevated cortisol during play is associated with age and social engagement in children with autism.
Molecular autism

Prevalence of autism in an urban population of adults with severe intellectual disabilities--a preliminary study.
Journal of intellectual disability research : JIDR

Minor physical anomalies in autism: a meta-analysis.
Molecular psychiatry

Diagnostic change and the increased prevalence of autism.
International journal of epidemiology

Joubert syndrome is not a cause of classical autism.
American journal of medical genetics. Part A

Gastrointestinal flora and gastrointestinal status in children with autism -- comparisons to neurotypical children and correlation with autism severity.
BMC gastroenterology

Advancing paternal age and risk of autism: new evidence from a population-based study and a meta-analysis of epidemiological studies.
Molecular psychiatry

Lack of association between measles-mumps-rubella vaccination and autism in children: a case-control study.
The Pediatric infectious disease journal

Early functional brain development in autism and the promise of sleep fMRI.
Brain research

Association of MET with social and communication phenotypes in individuals with autism spectrum disorder.
American journal of medical genetics. Part B, Neuropsychiatric genetics : the official publication of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics

Disparities in diagnosis and access to health services for children with autism: data from the National Survey of Children's Health.
Journal of developmental and behavioral pediatrics : JDBP

Autism and increased paternal age related changes in global levels of gene expression regulation.
PloS one

Medical homes for children with autism: a physician survey.

Knowledge about childhood autism and opinion among healthcare workers on availability of facilities and law caring for the needs and rights of children with childhood autism and other developmental disorders in Nigeria.
BMC pediatrics

Differences in the clinical presentation of Trisomy 21 with and without autism.
Journal of intellectual disability research : JIDR

Expressive language in male adolescents with fragile X syndrome with and without comorbid autism.
Journal of intellectual disability research : JIDR

A noise-reduction GWAS analysis implicates altered regulation of neurite outgrowth and guidance in autism.
Molecular autism

Brain region-specific deficit in mitochondrial electron transport chain complexes in children with autism.
Journal of neurochemistry

Behavioural and cognitive phenotypes in idiopathic autism versus autism associated with fragile X syndrome.
Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and allied disciplines

[Does the islet of ability on visuospatial tasks in children with high-functioning autism really indicate a deficit in global processing?]