Scientific studies on Bisphenol A

Last updated: September 25, 2013
NTP-CERHR Monograph on the Potential Human Reproductive and Developmental Effects of Bisphenol A.

Down regulation of bisphenol A glucuronidation in carp during the winter pre-breeding season.
Aquatic toxicology (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Human exposure to bisphenol A by biomonitoring: methods, results and assessment of environmental exposures.
Toxicology and applied pharmacology

Migration of bisphenol A into water from polycarbonate baby bottles during microwave heating.
Food additives & contaminants. Part A, Chemistry, analysis, control, exposure & risk assessment

Occurrence and temporal variations of the xenoestrogens bisphenol A, 4-tert-octylphenol, and tech. 4-nonylphenol in two German wastewater treatment plants.
Environmental science and pollution research international

Covert signal disruption: anti-ecdysteroidal activity of bisphenol A involves cross talk between signaling pathways.
Environmental toxicology and chemistry / SETAC

Biodegradation of bisphenol A and related compounds by Sphingomonas sp. strain BP-7 isolated from seawater.
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry

Disruption of the blood-testis barrier integrity by bisphenol A in vitro: is this a suitable model for studying blood-testis barrier dynamics?
The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology

Fast liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry for the analysis of bisphenol A-diglycidyl ether, bisphenol F-diglycidyl ether and their derivatives in canned food and beverages.
Journal of chromatography. A

Bisphenol A downregulates CYP19 transcription in JEG-3 cells.
Toxicology letters

Dietary exposure to low doses of bisphenol A: effects on reproduction and development in two generations of C57BL/6J mice.
Congenital anomalies

Microwave-assisted extraction for the simultaneous determination of Novolac glycidyl ethers, bisphenol A diglycidyl ether, and its derivatives in canned food using HPLC with fluorescence detection.
Journal of separation science

The ameliorative effect of black tea extract and quercetin on bisphenol A-induced cytotoxicity.
Acta poloniae pharmaceutica

Bisphenol A directly targets tubulin to disrupt spindle organization in embryonic and somatic cells.
ACS chemical biology

High concentrations of commonly used drugs can inhibit the in vitro glucuronidation of bisphenol A and nonylphenol in rats.
Xenobiotica; the fate of foreign compounds in biological systems

Adsorption of bisphenol A from aqueous solution onto activated carbons with different modification treatments.
Journal of hazardous materials

Biotransformation of the flame retardant tetrabromo-bisphenol A by human and rat sub-cellular liver fractions.

Estrogenic impurities in tissue culture plastic ware are not bisphenol A.
In vitro cellular & developmental biology. Animal

Potential of various herbaceous species to remove the endocrine disruptor bisphenol A from aqueous media.

Effects of bisphenol A in the ring-legged earwig, Euborellia annulipes.
Ecotoxicology (London, England)

Bisphenol A and related compounds in dental materials.

Modeling the interaction of binary and ternary mixtures of estradiol with bisphenol A and bisphenol AF in an in vitro estrogen-mediated transcriptional activation assay (T47D-KBluc).
Toxicological sciences : an official journal of the Society of Toxicology

Hybrid silica polymeric monolith-based in-tube microextraction and CE for determination of bisphenol A in beverages.
Journal of separation science

Enzyme functionalized nanoparticles for electrochemical biosensors: a comparative study with applications for the detection of bisphenol A.
Biosensors & bioelectronics

Alteration of steroid hormone balance in juvenile turbot (Psetta maxima) exposed to nonylphenol, bisphenol A, tetrabromodiphenyl ether 47, diallylphthalate, oil, and oil spiked with alkylphenols.
Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology

Simple and sensitive fluorimetric method for determination of environmental hormone bisphenol A based on its inhibitory effect on the redox reaction between hydroxy radical and rhodamine 6G [corrected].
Analytica chimica acta

[Action site of bisphenol A as metabolic disruptor lies in the tryptophan-nicotinamide conversion pathway].
Shokuhin eiseigaku zasshi. Journal of the Food Hygienic Society of Japan

Determination of Bisphenol A and its chlorinated derivatives in placental tissue samples by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.
Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences

Changes in estrogen receptors alpha and beta expression in the brain of mice exposed prenatally to bisphenol A.
Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology : RTP

Perinatal exposure to oestradiol and bisphenol A alters the prostate epigenome and increases susceptibility to carcinogenesis.
Basic & clinical pharmacology & toxicology

Biodegradation of bisphenol A and its halogenated analogues by Cunninghamella elegans ATCC36112.

[Effect of bisphenol A on the structure of organs and the expression of some cytokines in rats].
Wei sheng yan jiu = Journal of hygiene research

Remarkable sensitivity for detection of bisphenol A on a gold electrode modified with nickel tetraamino phthalocyanine containing Ni-O-Ni bridges.
Journal of hazardous materials

Reproduction, fertility, and development

Determination and occurrence of phthalates, alkylphenols, bisphenol A, PBDEs, PCBs and PAHs in an industrial sewage grid discharging to a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant.
The Science of the total environment

Induction of apoptosis by UV-irradiated chlorinated bisphenol A in Jurkat cells.
Toxicology in vitro : an international journal published in association with BIBRA

Sex hormone concentrations and gonad histology in brown trout (Salmo trutta) exposed to 17beta-estradiol and bisphenol A.
Ecotoxicology (London, England)

The role of Bisphenol A in shaping the brain, epigenome and behavior.
Hormones and behavior

Sample preparation including sol-gel immunoaffinity chromatography for determination of bisphenol A in canned beverages, fruits and vegetables.
Journal of chromatography. A

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